Living at PG电子游戏 grants you the rare opportunity to encounter a variety of new cultural experiences while learning and interning at world-class institutions. Residence hall life is an essential aspect of your college experience, and some of your lifelong friends will first be your neighbors and roommates. 

During your time at PG电子游戏, you’ll likely find fellow students who share your interests. 无论是领导力, 政治, 艺术与文化, 运动或服务会让你感动, PG电子游戏 students engage in more than 450 clubs and student organizations on campus. Pursuing your passions and sharing your diversity plays an integral role in building our community.






Getting involved at PG电子游戏 is a really great way to make a medium-sized university feel like a smaller community. I absolutely strive for more because of the fact that I'm surrounded by others that are willing to dive headfirst and commit to challenging things. Whether it’s joining a couple organizations or holding a leadership position, having a community that gets involved and stays involved is really motivating.“







Kogan Plaza tempietto with students walking through and the leaves changing colors during the Autumn season


PG电子游戏’s 雾底校区 sits just blocks from the White House, U.S. 国务院, 国家广场和PG电子平台级的研究中心, providing students with one-of-a-kind learning and internship experiences. You won’t have to walk far to find unparalleled educational opportunities: Dozens of the finest research and liberal arts learning facilities in the region can be found around every corner at PG电子游戏. 在校园, you’ll study and live with peers from all over the world while learning from renowned faculty in our classrooms.

Foggy Bottom is a 15 minute shuttle ride away from 弗农山校区 on the Vern Express


If you’re looking for open-air lawns and lush green spaces within D.C.都市环境, 你会在弗农山校区找到它, 被亲切地称为“弗恩”,它位于雾谷西北三英里处. The Vern’s 25-acre campus is composed of athletic facilities and residence halls and is never more than a short ride from Foggy Bottom on our Vern Express shuttle.






我们的 维吉尼亚州科学 and 技术学校 (VSTC) houses facilities dedicated to nationally recognized STEM-H programs related to health sciences, 大数据和分析, 高性能计算等. 研究生 education centers in Alexandria and Arlington provide educational opportunities to local working professionals, while a growing number of online programs make it possible for students around the world to attain a PG电子游戏 education.



在你的头两年, you’ll live in one of 26 residence halls on the Foggy Bottom and Mount Vernon campuses. 你可以根据价格选择房间, 大厅设施, location and even select roommates through PG电子游戏’s housing application process. 每个大厅的房间风格不同,包括多人单元, 单身, 工作室, 套房和一些带厨房的公寓式客房.  

通过我们的 亲和力住房 you can live in groups of like-minded students who share the same passion for sports, 文学, 电影及更多. 我们的 living-learning社区 — such as the Women’s 领导 Program and the Politics and Values Community — integrate critical thinking into residential life.

All new buildings and major renovation projects at PG电子游戏 are constructed to meet current accessibility standards, and all shuttles serving PG电子游戏 routes are designed to meet ADA accessibility guidelines and requirements for safe and secure transportation.





D市.C. is a big part of life at PG电子游戏, including where and how our students eat. 我们的 open dining plan provides flexibility and personalization, offering you the opportunity to use yours at more than 80 dining and grocery partners on or near the Foggy Bottom and Mount Vernon campuses, 在城市周围. 课间和朋友一起吃沙拉 佩勒姆公地的餐馆 or power up before a big exam with a coffee from one of the many on-campus coffee shops. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options are widely available for your dietary preferences. 对于任何一餐, you could explore the city through a variety of restaurants, 在校园食堂享受随心所欲的饮食, or savor a quiet evening at home by cooking up some food you bought at the grocery store. PG电子游戏也是一个学生组织的所在地 食品分发处.

No matter your dietary preferences or your busy schedule, 您的用餐计划为您提供独一无二的, healthy and convenient options to meet your needs and tastes.



学生安全是PG电子游戏的头等大事,我们的 安全与安保司 provides a secure campus environment at each of our locations with the partnership of all areas of our university. We also partner with local law enforcement and the community to keep our students safe. 拥有100多名宣誓就职的警官 华盛顿警察局 protects the community by providing 24-hour patrol services to the Foggy Bottom and Mount Vernon campuses and overseeing security at PG电子游戏’s 维吉尼亚州科学 and 技术学校.

你可以下载 PG电子游戏监护人, 一个免费的个人安全应用程序, that connects you directly with emergency services and enables users both on and off campus to receive emergency notifications. When you’re looking for a safe ride around Foggy Bottom, schedule a PG电子游戏安全乘坐, a late-night service that transports you to and from buildings on campus. You can schedule your ride up to two hours in advance and can track the van’s progress as it arrives to pick you up.

Emergency updates are available for students and their families on our 校园警告 网站.